This Is Why Only Women’s Private Parts Are Shown In Movies And Not Men’s


#10 people wonder why male nudity is so much more unacceptable than female nudity in movies.

#9 can be shown fully from the front and a movie will just be rated R.


#8 a man is shown fully naked, it might well receive an NC-17 rating.


#7 people think this is because women are objectified more, but we have a slightly different take on the subject.

HENRY AND JUNE, Fred Ward, Uma Thurman, 1990



#6 believe that male nudity is shown much more.

#5 man’s nipples can be shown in a PG movie, whereas a woman’s nipples will guarantee an R rating.

#4 is true than women are shown naked from the front more, but there is almost always public hair covering their actual g*nitals.


#3 man would have to have a serious bush to hide his private parts.


#2 interesting disparity is that a woman masturbating will almost guarantee an NC-17 rating, which is not the same for men.


#1 think that all of these rules come from Victorian ideals of propriety, and do not stem from the objectification of women.


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