Belarus Math Teacher Is Being Called ‘World’s Hottest Teacher’ After Video Goes Viral (9 Pics)


We admit that most of the time we bring up anything about teachers it is usually to inform you about another story involving one of them sleeping with a student or two. Like, remember the Georgia substitute teacher who invited two students to her home and had sex with them both? Or how about the teacher who had sex with two different students in her classroom on the same day? The point is, there are some teachers that actually teach and don’t sleep with their students.

Some teachers like the one in this story who happens to be one of the hottest teachers on the planet.


Oksana Neveselay, a math teacher from Belarus, has now everyone talking after a short, 15-second clip taken by one of her students of her teaching has spread. Take a look at the video screenshots below:

Of course since she’s gone viral she has reeled in thousands of new followers on her Instagram. And you know we are going to share some of the photos she has shared on her Instagram which currently sports over 220,000 followers. Take a look at some of her hottest ones:

Those kids are either really, really going to understand math or really, really not have a clue what’s going on because they are completely distracted. In other words, it’s a win-win.

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