The Perfect Timing Of These Photos Will Blow Your Mind


They say timing is everything. You must have heard of comic timing and how this brings a perfection in-jokes. Well, this is something that’s almost found everywhere to make it perfect. Photos are one such thing. Yes, you read that right. What’s shocking is even the foundation of your selfies are resting on this. The perfect timing of these photos will sure make you look twice. Hence, get ready.

1. Peek-a-boo

Ok, this looks like a peeking competition. And, two people are really trying hard. Did it make you look twice? These photos prove that some photographers are really god-gifted. There can’t be any other explanation for this perfect time.

2. It’s so dark

Ouch! That’s gotta hurt. Photos like this can crack you up anytime. Cudos to the photographer for this.

3. That ankle though

Oh, God! Is that real? Look again. This is called perfect timing. Or it’s the shape? This is one of the best photos.

4. Who’s neck?

This really is an illusion. Hats off to the photographers for these timing of photos. This photo will definitely make you think and think twice.

5. Splash!

It looks so great. The click is so great that it makes the water look solid. It’s better to live alone than having someone like this.

6. Yoga at its best

Again timing at play. These photos will definitely make your day.

7. Disproportionate

Isn’t the head bigger than the body? All the best to figure it out. This is how perfect timing affects your selfies.

8. Too hot to handle

Things can’t get hotter than this.

9. Feeding

This is lollipop at it’s best. The right capture makes this photo even more perfect.

10. His shirt, his hand

Can you locate the big hand? No? Look again. This is not timing but the pose. This photo is sure to make you look thrice.

11. Hug

Hello, Mrs. Wiskerson. No idea what the cats were doing but the perfect click makes it look like a cat hug. Only if these photos weren’t rare.

12. Binoculars

If this isn’t perfect click then what is. This is one of the best photos you will ever see.

13. Thunder

Is it thunder coming in her brain or going out of her brain? The timing really has to be perfect for capturing these photos.

14. Butt show

Is it a shoulder or a butt? What a great illusion.

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