Victoria Lomba : The Fittest Model Who punched Misogynistic people Right On Their Face


Becoming a fitness and fashion model is very trendy nowadays. But if you look back 15 years back then you will realize that girls were not much into this fitness industry. It was a concept that fitness is an industry that belongs to mans and male gender used to has the monopoly on gyms.


But breaking all the stereotypes and old-school concept Victoria Lomba has the courage to get into the industry and became a milestone in fitness and fashion industry. Today Victoria Lomba is one of the best and highly paid and famous model. She is hot, gorgeous, beautiful, fit and stunningly charming. Spanish- Brazilian origin model worked hard to be where she is today. But luckily in the early years of her work she achieved a tremendous amount of success and then she moved to the USA to establish and earn reputation on a global level.



From a long time, she is the first preference of magazines and other fashion enthusiastic people. But she reached to millions of people who loved her when the internet became very common. As a result, her Facebook page became the most visited pages in comparison to other fitness models. And when Instagram Came into existence as a photo-sharing app than people went crazy to see this fitness model pics. Today she has more than 4.2 Million followers on Instagram and the thousands of followers are keep increasing on daily basis.


From the USA to Australia and Australia to France she has posed on camera in every continent and numerous countries. But after gaining such a huge success she hasn’t forgotten her very first love and no matter where she is, she works out on regular basis to motivate people and give them a positive attitude towards life.


no photoshop

Today Victoria Lomba is one of the best model and a real role Model for millions of people, and a dream girl for a lot of boys. Victoria Says there are a lot of girls out there who has a great physic and very dedicated to bodybuilding but they never get sponsors and I feel bad about them. Today Victoria is spreading hope and positivity to other female bodybuilders who just started their career.

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