Girl sells virginity to Wall Street banker for £1.2 million, then starts dating him and plans to travel the world with him


French student, Jasmine, decided to sell her virginity on an escort site called the Cinderella Escorts. The highest bid went till £1.2 million, and was paid by a Wall Street banker in New York.


The 26-year-old from Paris claims she belongs to a religious family and was saving her first time for marriage, but she now needed the money for starting her own business. She explained on the official Cinderella Escorts page that her virginity meant a lot to her, but there were just too many expenses she had to take care of.

She said, “My virginity means a lot but my family and I have a lot of expenses. These expenses include a house, and a car. They are expensive. “

After being sold to the banker and having met him, she revealed that she was nervous but he was a ‘real gentleman’ who took good care of her. They now plan on dating ahead.

She further added, “Most people would exchange a million for their first time if they could turn back time.”


“I am happy that I sold my virginity and I met the client already. I was a bit nervous, to be honest, but finally, I really liked him. He was a real gentleman and looked after me well. I don’t want to go into details but what I can say is that we are going to date each other again.”

“It is too early to talk about love yet. We like each other, and we’ll see what will happen in the future. I am happy that I was lucky with the man who bought my virginity. He is smart, successful and I like older men. Maybe we will travel the world together.”

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