With the flow of growing gender equality, for today it has become ordinary for menfolk to compete women for the “men’s” working places. From the last time, we’ve found out that flying on the plane with the female pilot is totally safe. What is more, it’s quite normal to see them fighting against each other on the boxing ring. So that’s why we can agree that female guards also have to take place in our life. Here is our Top 10 hottest Police Officers:

10. Shoval Avraham

Shoval is Israel-born Police Officer. She admits: “Sports is my life.” And that’s totally true as her fit body talks us about it. With almost 7k followers on Instagram, she is nearly a well-known star in her native Jerusalem.

9. Samantha Sepulveda

Samantha Sepulveda is a Long Island real-life cop. In mid-2013, a friend invited her to model in a runway fashion show for their lingerie company. Sepulveda accepted, and began modeling lingerie and swimwear in her time off. Our girl, who is a part-time model in addition to serving the police department, has seen her Instagram account flooded with people and now rise to close to 300,000 followers.

8. Sanny Costa

Sanny Costa is one another bright and shiny Police Officer to join our exclusive Top. She loves the sport and her dream-work as well.

7. Letícia Faria

Missed Brazilian bums? 25-year-old Letícia F. wants to cheer you up with her gorgeous appearance. This Civil Police Officer from Goias counts almost 7k followers on her IG page.

6. Crodia Maximus

Beauty from the US is 1st Phorm Legionnaire. Christine, that’s her real name, belongs to Navy Reserve. Tattooed girl loves lifting and often demonstrates her physique to her 16k audience.

5. Lindy Boone

Once Lindy shared the next sentence under her post: “New K-9 unit?” That’s maybe the truth about her working place. Besides she often talks about her hobby: “The only thing better than scouting for birds in a Kansas sunset is coming back for them in the morning.”

4. Koral Malol

24-year-old Police Officer is a real IG celeb. With her 100k followers, Israel-born beauty takes the third place among the most popular social network pages in our rating.

3. Ariane Lovatelli

One more Officer from South America. Apart from being a fantastic Policeman, her principal occupations are bettering lifestyle, carrying for health and of course fitness.

2. Nochtli Peralta Alvarez

She is a half-Dutch half-Spanish fitness model and former police officer who now resides in the Netherlands. She’s become known for her stunning looks and her background story. She started working as a street police officer – fulfilling her early childhood dreams. Unfortunately, today Nochtli goes only for modeling and fitness after quitting police. However, she became even more popular with 1 million admirers.

1. Anya Sautinsky

And the cherry on our Police cake is Anya Sautinsky. This cutie from Israel counts only 8k followers. However, her page has all the criteria for gaining popularity: hot photos from Thailand, beautiful landscapes, and selfies wearing a uniform. Maybe girl just wants to dedicate all herself to the work she loves and fan-base isn’t so crucial for her. However, have to admit that Anya has an ultimate potential in this sphere.

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